Online customer service in the age of digitization – business breakfast with the ICAN Institute [PL]
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • 26/03/2020
  • 9:00-12:30

Event description

How to keep up with digital changes in customer service? In March we meet at a conference organized by Craftware, Salesforce and the ICAN Institute.

Transforming customer service into an online version is much more than creating multi-channel service access options. Today, the most competitive brands in the world are investing in coherent multi-channel experiences that connect their various contact points and organizational departments. At the same time, in the back office, companies are using cloud services, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand their market.

By participating in the event you will learn:

  • you will learn modern online customer service tools and how to implement the most effective solutions in your business;
  • you will learn how to use retail personalization to increase the number of regular customers;
  • you will gain knowledge in the field of effective customer service management as a unit of the organization generating steady income;
  • you will take part in the presentation of tools supporting B2C marketing automation and customer service;
  • you will learn about the Craftware client case study and his pre- and post-implementation experience of modern solutions supporting recipients.


The event will be held in the Polish language. If you want to know more visit this website.