This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary. It is a time of significant changes – in organization, in services, and in visual development. We have transformed from a company founded by four engineers to a team of 300 experts. We started from working for one customer, and now there are more than 40 of them. In the last two years, our organization grew significantly.

The previous site was no longer meeting our expectations, mainly it was not addressing the business needs anymore. We have faced it, and the result is the new website. Have a look at challenges that were driving the new site implementation.

#1 – Better offer presentation

Website reconstruction was supposed to help in presenting the full spectrum of solutions that we offer, and our experts’ experience. The range of our services is still expanding. Apart from implementing IT systems based on the Salesforce technology, and supporting customers in the development and maintenance of these systems, we deliver specialists from various business areas. We offer the support of the Salesforce developers and admins, project and service managers, technical writers; we prepare business analysis, and conduct manual and automated testing.

The website will develop with the company, but right off the bat, we would like to show you how much experience we have, and what we can offer to our customers.


#2 – Simple navigation

One of the needs that were communicated to us from many quarters was to simplify the previous site, and make it easier to use by means of a clear and easily accessible menu. It is essential for guests visiting the site that they could quickly learn about the offer, articles on the blog, or contact details. We have prepared our new web service in the spirit of simplicity, for some – even asceticism. We have decided that this form will be the best to support what is most important: a message to our customers.


#3 – Refreshed logo and new design

Even though the last rebranding was not a long time ago, life has shown it is time for further changes. This time, we have chosen the path of evolution, not revolution — our logo went under subtle lifting. Our previous typeface has been remained. The same goes for the word division that defines our organization: “craft” and “aware.” This word combination is the benchmark of our way of working.

We simplified the coloring, and from now, we are more green ? If you like colors of the sky, water, forest, and sand, surely you will love our new corporate identity, because it was the nature that inspired us. Functional reasons and the opportunity of using our logotype in different forms, places, and promotion materials have spoken for the coloring change.


#4 – Personas and customer journey

Creating the new website started from analyzing personas, that is different customer types that we reach or would like to reach with our offer. We have identified their needs, examined their behaviors, and prepared scenarios of means by which customers get to the needed information. All this to ensure the best customer journey – a path that the website user follows.


#5 – Content marketing development

Content marketing activities are the basis of today’s Internet marketing. But how to break through so much news on the web with our message? There is one solution – provide good quality content to precisely profiled recipients just in time when they are looking for this type of information. The new website is a solid foundation on which we can build our content marketing strategy.


#6 – Greater conversion

Our main goal is reaching the highest possible number of recipients whom we could provide with the best solutions and services. So, we have to make it in a few steps: get to customers, attract them to our site, convince them we are a trustworthy partner and encourage them to use our services. Pretty simple, but if you work in Internet marketing, you already know how many conditions have to be met along the way for customers to decide whether they would like to use your services or buy your products.


#7 – Mobile

Up to 40% of our website visitors are using it through mobile devices. It is hardly surprising since “Digital 2019: Poland” report states that almost 70% of Poles use mobile access to the Internet daily. One of our priorities while creating the new website was to ensure comfort when it is used on mobile devices. We hope that we have provided our users not only a site which has useful content but is also user-friendly, regardless of the device.


#8 – Positioning

Creating a website which is not adapted to SEO requirements, is like baking a pie you cannot eat afterwards. If you want to reach new users, you need to get to them. Get through thousands, if not billions of content chunks served to us by the Internet every day. Proper keywords, right presentation of content, site loading speed, internal and external links, social media presence – these are just a few of the elements you have to pay attention to if you want to position your service. It is a job that we have partly done, but constant optimization and search for innovative ways of reaching new customers are still ahead of us.


#9 – Proof of concept

With the new website, we wanted to highlight our ten years of experience in IT project execution. We have been committed to share knowledge and good practices in building systems based on Salesforce products. You are welcome to familiarize yourself with the descriptions of our implementations that we present on the website. We hope that there will be more and more of them.


#10 – Constant development

Is this the end of changes? Of course not! In the world today, where the only constant thing in life is change, a customer is more and more demanding, and new technological innovations are coming into service every day. You cannot stand still. You must investigate, analyze, optimize. And this what we intend to do. Search for new trends, explore which of them fits into our business, our customers, and their needs. “He who moves not forward, goes backward,” and we are just setting the sails, and starting another new journey with our customers.


  • Ewa
  • Product Marketing Manager at Craftware
  • Currently a Product Manager at Craftware. Having over ten years of experience in marketing, PR and communications. She gained experience in public administration, was responsible for the IT project communication, and also in the commercial sector, where she supported sales activity of the products and IT services.

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